'Breaking In' Geekiest Episode Ever: 'Goonies 2'! Comic-Con!


It’s sometimes amazing how incredibly geeky and fandom-oriented TV can be.

There’s the lovable nerds on CBS' The Big Bang Theory but also a show like NBC’s Community, which really delves into geek by tackling, and pulling off, things like an all-Dungeons & Dragons episode. On a regular basis.

The new geek show to watch is Fox's Breaking In. Created by Fanboys writer Adam Goldberg and The King of Kong director Seth Gordon, it centers on a group geniuses who specialize in security, using offbeat methods. Christian Slater leads the team that includes Brett Harrison, Odette Annable, Alphonso McAuley and Michael Rosenbaum.

Without giving too much away, next Wednesday’s plot is this: The team is hired to protect the top secret copy of Goonies 2 which is supposed to screen at Comic-Con.

Goonies 2 is almost a myth among those who grew up in the 1980s and have long heard whispers of a follow-up movie. This was a chance for Goldberg to tackle one of geekdom’s Holy Grails.

And having an episode take place at Comic-Con is just another example of the cementing status of that event in the broader pop consciousness. Comic-Con once made an appearance on an episode of Entourage and this year hit the big screen with Paul, the alien comedy that starred Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Seth Rogen.

The production took over one of the buildings on the edge of the Sony lot to re-create Comic-Con. And while Comic-Con sometimes feels fake when portrayed on screen, especially to veteran attendees, this one had some people believing there was an actual comic convention happening.

The episode will have a ton of treats and Easter eggs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thor and Annable as Megan Fox as Xena (trust me, it makes sense).

And Goonies homage galore.

What kind of homages? Well, Heat Vision doesn’t want to spoil things too much, but Rosenbaum slowly and hilariously morphs into Sloth due to an allergy.

Now if they can only get Rosenbaum to shave his head for a nice Lex Luthor reference.

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