'Batgirl' Writer Brenden Fletcher Joining 'Robotech' Comic Franchise

Robotech FCBD-Publicity- H 2019
Praseta/Titan Comics
The fan-favorite writer joins the Titan Comics property in the Free Comic Book Day special issue.

The war against the Zentraedi and Invid is going to change significantly in 2019, with Titan Comics announcing the arrival of fan-favorite writer Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Motor Crush) to the Robotech franchise with this year’s Free Comic Book Day issue.

Fletcher will join writer Simon Furman (Transformers) and artist Hendry Prasetva on the special issue, which tees up forthcoming events in the comic book revival of the classic anime series, previewing an upcoming storyline called “Event Horizon.” More details about the new direction for the franchise will be unveiled in the coming months, according to Titan.

Titan relaunched Robotech in 2017, reviving the animated property with writer Brian Wood, with Furman taking over the property later that year.

Fletcher came to prominence as part of the creative team of DC Entertainment's Batgirl in 2014, working with Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr to revitalize the character both visually and in terms of attitude; their subsequent "Batgirl of Burnside" run brought a level of fan response and presaged the following year's DC You line wide relaunch, which included the spin-off title Black Canary, by Fletcher and Annie Wu. Fletcher also co-created the fan-favorite YA series Gotham Academy. Although his current comic book workload is predominantly focused on original concepts such as Motor Crush and Isola, he also has worked on Power Rangers and Ghost in the Shell projects.

“I'm a huge fan of Brenden's work and know he is a huge, longtime fan of Robotech,” Titan’s Robotech editor Martin Eden said in a statement. “We've already had several calls about upcoming issues and his enthusiasm is amazing. Watch this space — our Robotech comic is heading for some exciting changes!”

The Robotech Free Comic Book Day issue is set to be released May 4.