Brie Larson Breaks Down Audition Process for 'Captain Marvel,' Reveals the Roles She Lost Out On

Brie Larson
Steve Granitz/WireImage
The 'Captain Marvel' actress also revealed she was rejected for parts in 'Kong: Skull Island' and 'Unicorn Store' before eventually getting cast.

As part of an ongoing video series chronicling her career and her life, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson revealed the staggering number of roles she auditioned for in a single year and the audition inspiration behind roles for some of her biggest parts.

In the video, entitled "Audition Storytime," the actress scrolled through an extensive list of parts she was rejected for in the brief period between July 15, 2008 and February 5, 2009. Included in the list were Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, the Denzel Washington-led Book of Eli, Jennifer’s Body, and Kong: Skull Island, as well as Marvel projects Thor, Iron Man 2 and Legion.

Tomorrowland, Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, Halt and Catch Fire and The Big Bang Theory were among the list of auditions she had made it to the final round on. While speaking about going out for James Cameron’s box office hit Avatar, Larson admitted that she “didn't remember that audition.”

“That’s a lot of heartbreak, folks,” Larson said of her long list of rejections.

For the remainder of the video, Larson broke down specific auditions along with her audition process. Among those roles was her part as Kate Gregson in Showtime’s The United States of Tara, an audition process that was a rare reminder, Larson said, that acting was “what I'm supposed to do with my life!”

The part was one she felt she was meant to do and go after the creative team and network decided to restructure the show.

“I remember after the test for that one feeling really at peace that I wasn't going to get it again, and then I got it,” she said. “It kind of gives me chills talking about it because I was just — I was exactly where I'm supposed to be. And Toni Collette was and is like my idol. She was the one that I, for me, was like the beacon. Like what she was doing I was like oh that's what I want to do."

Larson also described her journey with parts in Unicorn Store and Scott Pilgrim. The actress shared that her initial Unicore audition was odd after having to do a scene with a grown woman “on her knees” pretending to be a five-year-old, but that she felt confident about it.

As for Scott Pilgrim, Larson said that while she really wanted to be in the movie, the lack of source material and redacted sides left her little to work with. So she turned to the Adult Video Awards for inspiration.

“The only thing that was there was a description that said, a husky non-Ramona voice. I didn't even know who Ramona was,” Larson said. “This is the truth and it's really crazy. So I was staying up way too late flipping through the channels, and I stumbled on the Adult Video Awards and I was watching the red carpet and I was watching these women with this like confidence… and I was like, that's it. That's what I'm gonna do.”

And, of course, for Captain Marvel, Larson said she got a call about the role while filming Kong: Skull Island, but she said at first she thought "it was too much for me."

Months later, when Marvel called again, Larson said she felt it was "too much," being an introvert, but she eventually met with Marvel representatives and was "moved" by their take on the role.

After meeting with the creative team, she said, "it was amazing, I loved everything they had to say."

"I remember laughing a lot, I remember my team being really proud of me because they knew that it was a big step for me in embodying myself and believing that I could do something so big."

Even then, Larson didn't tell anyone about her casting for a long time.