'Captain Marvel' Star Brie Larson Is Helping People Get 'Black Panther' Tickets

The film, starring Chadwick Boseman as the title character, opened Thursday night to an enormous $25.2 million.

Brie Larson was on a mission Friday morning: help those who couldn't afford Black Panther tickets get them through the generosity of others. 

Using her large Twitter following, the Oscar-winning actress — also one of the latest additions to the Marvel Universe as Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) — helped connect those who wanted to purchase tickets for those who didn't have the funds to see the highly anticipated Ryan Coogler film. 

How it worked is a Twitter user would tell Larson they would like to buy tickets for someone or a family who couldn't afford them and she would in turn share the message to her followers. 

"Reach out to Jamie if you’ve got a family of four who is dying to see #BlackPanther aka the best movie ever," Larson said in one post. 

The film, starring Chadwick Boseman as the title character, opened Thursday night to an enormous $25.2 million. Fans who went to see it posted pictures of themselves dressed up for the occasion in either traditional African clothing or character costumes. 

Excitement and anticipation for the picture are at a boiling point: The film is projected to open to $165 million-plus and could become the biggest launch ever for a Marvel Cinematic Universe hero's first stand-alone movie.

See some examples of Larson's numerous messages below: