Comic-Con: A Private Civil War Erupts In 'Briggs Land' Comic Book Trailer (Exclusive)

Dark Horse Comics will debut this trailer for Brian Wood's new political thriller to retailers at the San Diego event today.

What happens when a movement that plans to secede from the United States becomes embroiled in its own civil war? Briggs Land, the new crime drama from writer Brian Wood and Dark Horse Comics, intends to follow that drama to its conclusion — and Heat Vision can exclusively reveal the trailer for the upcoming comic book series.

Illustrated by Mack Chater, Briggs Land centers on the eponymous area of wilderness that's home to the largest secessionist movement in the U.S. — a group under the watchful eye of the authorities, and a group in turmoil after Grace Briggs, wife of the group's incarcerated leader, attempts to take control herself, sparking an internal struggle for power at just the wrong time.

The story of Briggs Land won't just be told in comic books, however; Wood is also developing the series for AMC with executive producers John Hodges and Ravi Nandan at A24.

The video above will be shown as part of Dark Horse Comics' presentation to comic book retailers Friday at San Diego Comic-Con. Also to be unveiled at the panel is this new graphic to promote the series:

The comic book series, which launches Aug. 17, will feature covers by Tula Lotay.

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