James Gunn's 'Brightburn' Trailer Introduces a New Kind of Horror Villain

Not all aliens with superpowers are good.

What if a boy with godlike powers grew up in Kansas?

Sometimes, he might turn out to be Superman. But in Brightburn, he becomes a villain who terrorizes those around him.

The new trailer for Brightburn centers on an alien who looks human (Jackson A. Dunn) and who is adopted by a rural Kansas couple  (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) after they discover him in a field. As he grows older, his adoptive parents begin to have concerns about him, and eventually, he uses his powers to become something they never could have expected.

This is the second trailer for the Brightburn, which debuted its first look back in December. The film is from producer James Gunn and is directed by The Hive filmmaker David Yarovesky.

James Gunn's brother Brian Gunn and cousin Mark Gunn wrote the script for Brightburn. James Gunn produces with Kenneth Huang. Executive producers include Brian Gunn, Dan Clifton, Simon Hatt and Nic Crawley. The H Collective produced and financed the feature.

James Gunn, the filmmaker behind Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, has a long comic book pedigree and is also set to write and direct The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. Brightburn is his first project to hit theaters after he exited the Marvel Cinematic Universe in July when Disney fired him as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 following old offensive tweets being resurfaced by conservative personalities. 

Sony will open Brighburn on May 24.