Bruce Campbell Explains the Complexities of Having a Chainsaw Hand

Paying for coffee? Doesn't go over well.
Funny or Die
Bruce Campbell and his trusty chainsaw in 'Funny or Die'.

It must be so sweet to be Bruce Campbell, but it sure looks tough to have a chainsaw hand. 

In a recent, hilarious, Funny or Die video, the star of the Evil Dead franchise  — playing an asshole version of himself, not the Ash character — attempts to do everyday tasks with a chainsaw attached to to his wrist. 

Paying for coffee? Doesn't go over well. Petting a dog? Doesn't go over well. Playing a guitar? Well, you get it. 

However, just as it does in the Evil Dead films and now the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead, the chainsaw comes in... handy... when lopping off the head of a Deadite. 

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 premieres Sunday on Starz.

Watch the video below, and hail to the king, baby.