Bruce Campbell Reveals Why Ash Was Ripped in Foreign 'Army of Darkness' Poster

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in 'Army of Darkness'
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The 'Evil Dead' series star called the ploy "silly."

Bruce Campbell on Wednesday explained why in one poster for his cult favorite Army of Darkness, Ash Williams looks like a bodybuilder. The Evil Dead star was responding to a Twitter user who commented on the physique.

Turns out, it was a marketing ploy.

"Yeah, producer Dino De Laurentiis had his hands all over that. It’s the foreign poster. He knew that [Arnold] Schwarzenegger sold overseas, so he made me look like Arnold. It’s very silly," Campbell said.

That is not to say Campbell was out of shape for the films, but he was certainly not built like Schwarzenegger.

While not a massive success, Army of Darkness (the third installment in the Evil Dead film series), was Campbell's first appearance as a leading man for a major studio film. Darkness is as beloved as the previous two for fans of the horror franchise, created by Sam Raimi.

And Army of Darkness certainly helped create a path for the franchise to be resurrected in 2015 with the series Ash vs Evil Dead. There was also a reboot of the film, under the same 1981 title, in 2013, but Campbell was not involved.

Rumors continue to swirl that another film with Campbell involved is in the works.