Bryan Singer Considering 'Haunted' New Property

"X-Men" and "Superman Returns" director's production company in talks with indie publisher Red 5 Comics over supernatural new comic series.
Danny Luckert/Red 5 Comics

Apparently, being in control of Fox's X-Men franchise isn't enough comic book adventure for Bryan Singer. The X-Men: Days of Future Past producer and director is also reportedly circling upcoming independent release Haunted, from Red 5 Comics.

Haunted, written by Scott Chitwood with art by Danny Luckert, tells the story of Sarah McCallister, a loner in a world where the barriers between the "real" world and the spirit world have become very thin. "Imagine the end of Ghostbusters, but with the heroes failing and Gozer taking over the world," Chitwood explained.

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Chitwood said that it was "very gratifying" for Singer's Bad Hat Harry production company to be looking into the book, calling the company "incredibly supportive and great to work with," although he didn't say whether the company was considering the project for television or movies.

Haunted, a four-issue series, launches in April 2014, with the first issue currently available for pre-order in comic book stores. A preview of the series will also be available in Atomic Robo and Friends FCBD 2014, Red 5's Free Comic Book Day release, on May 3.