Bryan Singer Talks 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Details at Event

At the Fantasia International Film Festival, the director answered questions about who's in next year's time-travel tale -- and when each of the two tales is set.
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Those looking for tidbits of information about next year's X-Men: Days of Future Past hit the motherlode when director Bryan Singer appeared at Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival yesterday and spilled all kinds of beans about his return to Fox's Marvel mutant franchise. Spoilers ahoy, everyone.

During the Q&A portion of the evening's proceedings, JoBlo reports that Singer talked about subjects ranging from Star Trek -- Singer thinks he's too much of a fan of the franchise to be able to work on it, as he'd be too reverential of what has come before -- to Man of Steel before turning his attention to next year's X-Men installment, and the X-Men movie franchise as a whole.

The majority of Days of Future Past will take place in 1973, he explained -- 11 years after the events of X-Men: First Class -- with "future" scenes taking place a decade after X-Men: The Last Stand (which will have been released eight years before Days of Future Past, so almost real-time). The First Class characters who return for this movie will be changed from their portrayal in that movie, he said, and in the process of becoming who they "have to be."

The deaths of both Professor Xavier and Cyclops were addressed by Singer, with the director saying that he wasn't happy with either choice but managed to resurrect Xavier as the telepath managed to "transfer his consciousness" before death. Sadly, the same isn't true of Cyclops, who will remain dead for this new outing. (Sorry, James Marsden.)

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Although Quicksilver makes his movie debut in Days of Future Past, the character's comic book twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, won't appear (She will show up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, accompanied by another Quicksilver, thanks to some loophole in licensing deals for the character). However, William Stryker -- a villain who's appeared in both X2: X-Men United and X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- will show up in Days, played by Josh Helman, the third actor to play the character in as many movies.

Overall, Singer considers superhero movies to be a modern mythology, and he has plans that go beyond just the X-Men franchise. He reportedly mentioned an idea for a Marvel Universe "mashup" that he wouldn't reveal.

Singer didn't really break any "new" news. The closest he came was, perhaps, giving a definitive date for the movie and a definitive no for the Scarlet Witch. Yet he managed to bring together enough information about the movie to make it feel like something that brings together both the First Class franchise and first trilogy of movies in a way that is more organic and coherent than may have previously seemed. Between appearances like this and his famed Twitter sneak peaks, Singer just might be managing to resurrect fan excitement for the X-movie franchise almost single-handedly.