'Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing' Launches on Kickstarter

Business of Comic Book Publishing Announcement Split- Gamal Hennessy - H 2020
Gamal Hennessy
The crowdfunded book seeks to demystify the process of transforming ideas into finished comics books — and how to sell them.

It’s one thing to have the idea for a comic book, but actually making that a reality is another thing altogether — which is where Gamal Hennessy’s new project, The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing, will come in handy.

An overview of the way that the comic industry works, especially in regards to original content from small and mid-size publishers, Business sees Hennessy bring more than two decades of experience as an entertainment and comic book attorney to the subject.

“This book walks the reader through the entire industry of comics, from creative inspiration to financing to development to marketing to distribution to sales and building a long-term catalog,” Hennessy told THR via email. “It gives aspiring publishers a strong foundation in this unique business. It also provides a framework for creative professionals to improve their existing business models. Comic book characters and stories need to survive and thrive in print before they can make the jump to film, television, and video games. A lot of brilliant artists and writers fail because they don’t understand how the business works. Reading The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing is the first step in solving that problem.”

The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing breaks down everything from intellectual property management to distribution, sales and marketing after the product is published, with the book organized into three sections: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. The book features a foreword from Heavy Metal executive editor Joseph P. Illidge, and was edited by Aftershock Comics editor-in-chief Mike Marts.

The Kickstarter for the project can be found here, with pledge levels offering personal consultations in addition to both print and digital editions of the book. The campaign will run for 30 days.