Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader Duke It Out in Impressive Fan Film

YouTuber Nukazooka posted a short film pitting the two iconic characters against one another in an all-out brawl.

The age-old question of who would win in a fight between Buzz Lightyear and Darth Vader has finally been answered.

In a recent video posted to YouTube, everyone's favorite space ranger from Toy Story squares off against the baddest Sith in the galaxy in a battle royale.

"It was sort of a passion project for me," says Andrew McMurry, known on YouTube as Nukazooka, the director of the short. "Toy Story was my jam when I was younger."

The live-action short, which features impressive special effects, sound design and scoring, begins with a case of mistaken identity as Buzz confuses Vader for his sworn enemy, Emperor Zurg. Vader, naturally, doesn't take kindly to being compared to a purple space dictator or the subsequent blast from Buzz's laser beam. He proceeds to force-choke Buzz and, in classic Vader style, taunts Andy's plaything: "The Force is weak with this one."

"I knew I wanted to do something with Buzz Lightyear because I've never seen something that takes his character and makes it really cool and live-action," says McMurry. "When I was thinking of it, I knew he needed an enemy to face. Zurg is basically like Darth Vader, so I was like, maybe I just do that, Buzz thinking Darth Vader is Zurg. It's kind of, like, a big miscommunication, which is funny to me."

Eventually, Vader gets the upper hand, as Buzz is no match for a force-wielding Sith lord, and the cyborg formerly known as Anakin Skywalker sends Buzz into orbit with a quip. "To infinity and beyond," Vader says mockingly as he protracts Buzz's wingspan, sending him skyward.

The film wraps up on an optimistic note, which you'll have to watch to enjoy.