Deadpool and Cable Teaming Up for Time Travel Comic

Cable and Deadpool Annual Cover 1 - Publicity - P 2018
Courtesy of Chris Stevens/Marvel Entertainment
Marvel will release 'Cable and Deadpool Annual' this summer.

This month’s Deadpool 2 will introduce time-traveling badass Cable to hordes of fans, and this summer, Marvel Entertainment hopes to build on the movie’s momentum with an all-new special issue teaming the two characters one more time … throughout time.

August’s Cable and Deadpool Annual No. 1 sees the Merc with the Mouth on a mission that sends him throughout comic book history as he searches for one particular missing woman. But who’d let Deadpool have a time machine without supervision? Enter Cable, a man with a history of time-traveling … and a history of making sure that Deadpool doesn’t cause too much trouble at all possible.

The one-off issue, which revives the Cable and Deadpool team-up series that ran from 2004 to 2008, will be written by Luke Cage and Shaft writer David F. Walker, with art by what Marvel is calling “a host of stellar artists,” led by Paco Diaz.

Although the announcement of the title has come ahead of Deadpool 2’s release next week, the actual issue won’t hit comic store shelves until Aug. 15, by which point interest around the movie is likely to have lessened. That isn’t to say that the comic book publisher isn’t going to be capitalizing on the movie’s release more immediately; in addition to the current weekly mini-series You Are Deadpool, a new ongoing monthly title featuring the character, called simply Deadpool, launches June 6.