Politically Charged Comic 'Calexit' Returning With New Issues

Calexit Third Print - Ashley Woods Black Mask Studios -Publicity- H 2018
Ashley Woods/Black Mask Studios
The next chapter of the California secession series is "our Valentine's card to Trump," says writer Matteo Pizzolo.

If the politics of the real world are getting you down, take solace in the fact that things could be worse. For the characters of indie political comic Calexit, the United States is facing the prospect of civil war as California tries to leave the union following the election of a fascist president.

The series, which launched last year, has been such a success that the first issue is heading into a third printing on Feb. 14, the same day the second issue hits comic store shelves. (The third printing features an all-new cover by artist Ashley A. Woods, above.) That second issue likely will find favor with those enjoying Michael Wolff’s Donald Trump tell-all, Fire and Fury.

"The real world is still keeping up with the apocalyptic events of Calexit's dystopia, so [artist] Amancay Nahuelpan and I continue to do a wild dance trying to keep our dark, fictional future a step ahead of the new normal," Pizzolo tells Heat Vision. "When the series returns on February 14, with Calexit issue two, there's a major story moment that will resonate with the headlines. It's our Valentine's card to Trump."

Calexit isn't Pizzolo's only upcoming commentary on contemporary politics. March 28 will see the release of the first issue of a series he created with artist Soo Lee called Billionaire Killers in which two heiresses to corporate fortunes turn against their parents after realizing the problems their wealth has caused. The elevator pitch, according to the writer? "What if someone like Ivanka Trump became radicalized?"

Both Calexit and Billionaire Killers are published by Los Angeles-based Black Mask Studios, which celebrates its fifth anniversary later this year.