'Calvin and Hobbes' Spoof Movie Trailer Skewers Hollywood's Franchise Obsession (Video)

Calvin and Hobbes Fan Trailer - H 2013
<p>Calvin and Hobbes Fan Trailer - H 2013</p>   |   YouTube
The latest production from the "Gritty Reboots" team features a grown-up Calvin, his menacing tiger Hobbes and a whole lot of studio tropes.

Bill Watterson has never sold the film rights to his beloved Calvin and Hobbes series, and this unauthorized movie trailer -- quite ironically -- illustrates a good reason why he's been so steadfast in his refusal.

The crew at Gritty Reboots, a team of writers and web filmmakers, recently released their updated take on the famed comic, which finds a grownup Calvin now being tormented by his imagination. Hobbes, a figure of that active and adventurous childhood introspection, has gone rogue, seeking to take over Calvin's brain, creating a fight for his very existence.

The trailer is shot and presented in a manner so similar to many recent Hollywood tentpole films, from the Christopher Nolan's mega-successful Batman reboot to the more recent Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Another inspiration is the work of Zach Snyder, whose upcoming Man of Steel, certainly qualifies as a "gritty reboot."

This particular parody was made by Cinesaurus, a video content-creator for the web, and scripted by David Spear.