'Camp Midnight' Returning with Graphic Novel Sequel

Camp Midnight -  Jason Adam Katzenstein - Image Comics - Publicity- H 2019
Jason Adam Katzenstein/Image Comics
The new follow-up is titled 'Camp Midnight vs. Camp Daybright.'

After surviving a summer camp experience with literal monsters, nothing scares Skye anymore — aside from the prospect of spending summer camp away from those same monsters. That's the hook for Images Comics' Camp Midnight Vol. 2: Camp Midnight vs. Camp Daybright.

The release from Steven T. Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein is a 248-page graphic novel follow-up to 2016’s Camp Midnight, which introduced Skye, a reluctant attendee to the spooky eponymous summer camp. In Vol. 2, Skye is shocked to discover that she doesn’t get to return to the camp the following summer — instead, she’s being sent to the neighboring camp, where things are done just a little bit differently, as can be seen in the exclusive preview pages below.

"Jason and I were inspired by the cool books Raina Telgemeier's been doing, like Smile and Drama, and wanted to do a genre kind of version of that — part '80s summer camp story, part matinee monster movie,” Seagle told The Hollywood Reporter via email about the origins of the series.

The first book was the initial collaboration between Seagle and New Yorker cartoonist Katzenstein. It was a critical and sales success, being praised by Publishers Weekly and the School Library Journal, and was named a Scholastic Book Fair selection.

On the subject of the new book, Seagle said, “When Volume 1 of Camp Midnight did better than we expected, we jumped right into a sequel — but not liking sequels, we decided to do a story about why sequels blow and how a lot of that has to do with people’s expectations; we want the next thing to be just like the last thing. That's where our lead character Skye starts in Volume 2, but through some laughs and scares and lots of interpersonal screw-ups, she discovers that you have to love things for what they are, not what you want them to be." 

Camp Midnight Vol. 2: Camp Midnight vs. Camp Daybright will be released in comic stores Oct. 9, with a wide bookstore release following Oct. 15. Below, read on as Skye discovers her new home for the summer …