Captain America Celebrates Facebook's #FriendsDay

Marvel makes its own version of the trending Facebook video to promote 'Captain America: Civil War.'
Screen grab

Captain America and Iron Man are having a tough time in their friendship — even Facebook is worried. 

Taking advantage of the trending #FriendsDay videos Facebook created for users throughout the day on Thursday, Marvel decided to make its own video for Captain America (Steve Rogers) himself.

The video was a timely post for its upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War, and especially relevant considering the storyline. In the latest film, Captain America and Iron Man lead their fellow Avengers into a fight that forces many of them to choose sides against one another. 

"Hi Steve," the video starts out, mirroring any other #FriendsDay video posted by several Facebook users. Snapshots of his "friends" Thor, Falcon and Hawkeye follow, with a tag that says "You've done a lot together." 

Watch the full video below. 


Posted by Captain America on Thursday, February 4, 2016