'Captain America: Civil War' Gets an Honest Trailer — and It Doesn't Pull the Punches

Wait, it's just 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'?
Courtesy of Zade Rosenthal/Marvel
'Captain America: Civil War'

You'll never think of Captain America: Civil War the same way again.

The Honest Trailer team has tackled the summer's most beloved blockbuster, and the big takeaway is the airport fight scene is so good that it will make you forget about any of the film's shortcomings.

The narrator points out the "Civil War" is actually just one group-sparring session (the airport scene), one real fight (Bucky and Cap vs. Iron Man) and one nice letter at the end that let's Tony know he and Cap are still friends. ("What, you thought there'd be lasting stakes? Come on! This is Marvel we're talking about.")

The trailer also points out some of the similarities to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice — and even declares that Zemo's plan is "dumber than Luther's," by using the scrawl from the BvS Honest Trailer. 

The Civil War Honest Trailer was particularly anticipated because co-directors The Russo Brothers revealed that the YouTube series actually influenced its predecessor, Captain America: Winter Soldier, in that they tried to Honest Trailer-proof it. The third film, it turns out, wasn't as Honest Trailer-proof as Winter Soldier