Marvel Adds All-Star Artists to 'Captain America' Comic Book

Captain America Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Michael Cho/Marvel Entertainment
Writer Mark Waid's final installments will feature three artists per issue.

Before Ta-Nehisi Coates takes over the writing chores of Marvel’s Captain America comic book, the company is building an all-star team to close out the current run. Marvel on Monday revealed the addition of four artists to next month’s issues.

Alongside the already announced team of writer Mark Waid and artist Leonardo Romero, the company revealed that Captain America No. 701 will feature sequences drawn by J.G. Jones — Waid’s partner on the miniseries Strange Fruit — and Adam Hughes, while No. 702, to be released two weeks later, will feature sequences drawn by Howard Chaykin and Chris Sprouse.

The new additions will illustrate sequences outside of the primary narrative by Waid and Romero, which takes place in 2134 and focuses on the grandson of Steve Rogers — who, as can be seen in Michael Cho’s cover for No. 702 (above), happens to bear a striking resemblance to Chris Evans’ Captain America from this month’s Avengers: Infinity War movie.

“For the ‘Promised Land’ storyline, because it takes advantage of the entire history and legend of Captain America, we deliberately constructed the issues to allow us to take advantage of contributions from special guest artists,” Marvel senior vp and executive editor Tom Brevoort said in a statement.

The following two issues — the final issues of Captain America before Coates takes over the title in July — will also feature additional artists, Brevoort added, “but we’ll keep those under wraps for the time being!”

Captain America No. 701 will be released digitally and in comic book stores May 2.