'Captain America: The First Avenger:' What Critics Say About Chris Evans

Evans is getting rave reviews for his performance in the Marvel-Paramount movie.
Marvel Entertainment

Chris Evans is getting rave reviews for playing the lead role in Captain America: The First Avengers, which opens in theaters Friday from Marvel and paramount.

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"Captain America delivers comic book action that should satisfy Captain America’s fans, old and new, while Chris Evans’ no-nonsense yet engaging portrayal of a man who doesn’t know how to back away from a fight may cause young women to swoon and young men to join a gym," writes The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt of the actor.

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Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan writes, "If you've seen more than one Marvel Entertainment film, survived the standard cameos by Stan Lee and the obligatory appearances by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, you would be more than forgiven for feeling you've seen enough. Captain America: The First Avenger is not the film to change your mind, but it does have something the others do not: Chris Evans in the title role."

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"Evans has gone the Marvel route before, playing Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in a pair of Fantastic Four movies," he gones on. "But as Steve Rogers, a weak young man who gets turned into the husky Captain America by a dose of Super-Soldier Serum, this part brings out an appealing earnestness and humility in the actor that is certainly not business as usual in the comic book superhero genre.

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Associated Press film critic Christy Lemire writes that Evans "brings an earnest dignity and intelligence" to the movie. Evans, who starts as Steve Rogers before morphing into Captain America, "is a scrawny kid from Brooklyn with dreams of military glory who keeps getting rejected each time he tries to sign up for service. In a creepy but seamless special effect, Evans' head is placed on a skinny body; that deep, serious voice of his gives the character gravitas and heart."

Box office estimates put Captain America: The First Avenger on par to earn between $55.1 million (which Fox’s X-Men: First Class, based on another Marvel property, opened to in June) and $65.7 million (which the Marvel-produced Thor bowed to in May).