Captain America Had More to Catch Up on Than It Seemed

"Troubleman" may be on there, but Captain America's to-do list is different around the world, with at least 10 international versions identified to date.
Marvel Studios

When you've been on ice -- literally -- for more than six decades, it's understandable that you might have a lot to catch up on. But, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed, Steve Rogers' list appeared to be surprisingly short, taking up only one page of a small notebook. Here's the thing, though: There were multiple lists, depending on which country you saw the movie in.

There are at least 10 different versions of the list, as compiled by Russian fan Lucia Westwick on Tumblr, with different cultural touchstones listed for different international audiences. While the U.S. got I Love Lucy and Steve Jobs, Russians had Yuri Gagarin and the 1979 movie Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, for example. (Australians have Steve Irwin and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.)

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Only five items appear on every version of the list: the Troubleman soundtrack -- understandably, as that's the reason Steve brings out the list in the scene -- as well as Rocky (and Rocky II, with a question mark), Nirvana, thai food and "Star Wars/Trek." Though, for American audiences, Star Wars is crossed off, as if he's already seen it.

As a quiet Easter egg for international audiences, it's a fun one and an insight into different cultures (or at least how the moviemakers saw those audiences). Looking at the different lists, however, you start to question Steve's priorities just a little. The Beatles make the U.K. list but nowhere else? Mexican Cap has really added Shakira to his list? Here's hoping that all these lists make it intact to the eventual Blu-ray release of the movie so we can criticize Captain America's international education at our leisure.