The Captain America Reboot Marvel Would Never Want (Video)

Fox's Animation Domination celebrates the upcoming July 4th holiday by recreating Captain America as a hero for today's USA.
Fox Animation Domination Hi-Def

Thanks to the success of the Marvel Studios movies, when you say “Captain America,” most people think of the smiling, handsome face of Chris Evans—which is probably a good thing, considering the far more realistic alternative offered by Fox’s Animation Domination Hi-Def to celebrate the 4th of July.

Captain America Statistics Song re-imagines Marvel’s sentinel of liberty as a personification of the United States that currently exists, as opposed to a personification of the American ideal as created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The difference is depressingly large, to say the least.

STORY Captain America Had More to Catch Up on Than It Seemed

If a song that suggests that maybe Captain Monaco might be the better super hero all round—although, hey, Marvel! There’s a potential new character to accompany Captains America, Britain, France, Italy and Spain (No, really all of those are actual Marvel characters) that you may not have considered—doesn’t seem like the greatest July 4th gift, consider it a special present to our neighbors to the north for Canada Day instead.

Of course, next year, this means we get a Vindicator song, right? While we wait, watch the Statistics Song below.