Captain America Returns to Brooklyn: See His New Statue Unveiled

Bronze statue of superhero Captain America-Prospect Park-Getty-H 2016
Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images
The First Avenger is being honored for his 75th anniversary.

Captain America has returned home to Brooklyn.

Marvel unveiled its 13-ft, bronze statue of the superhero in Prospect Park on Wednesday in honor of Cap's 75th anniversary. 

For those not familiar with the deep backstory of Captain America, Steve Rogers is originally from New York City and the Brooklyn borough. In the Marvel Studios films, Captain America (Chris Evans) has made a number of references to his ties to the borough. "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn," he says in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger and there's an endearing moment in this summer's Captain America: Civil War in which he bonds with Spider-Man (Tom Holland) over both of them being kids from New York.

But according to the New York Post, some Brooklyn residents aren't happy about the statue. One resident quoted by The Post argued that it was harming the "serenity, calmness and beauty of the park." The paper also reported that green activists complained that the park was supposed to be a "non-commercial" zone — taking issue with a corporation like Marvel having a presence there.

Those upset won't have to be worried for long. It will be moved in two weeks to the plaza outside Barclays Center. The statue will stay there till late September before migrating outside to a new Bed Bath & Beyond in Sunset Park at some point in late October.

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