'Captain America' Teaser Reveals Latest Enemy: Poor Shield Upkeep

The new poster for next year's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' hints at future threats for Marvel Entertainment's Super Soldier.

By the time Captain America: The Winter Soldier rolls around, Earth's First Avenger will have dealt with Nazis, Hydra scientists, suspended animation and an alien invasion. But, as Marvel's new teaser poster for the movie reveals, he might have met his match this time around. Can even Captain America triumph over the forces of … bad paint jobs?!?

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Don't get me wrong, I "get" it: The new poster shows a tarnished version of Cap's famous shield as a visual metaphor for his own tarnished legacy in a movie that not only features the movie debut of the Winter Soldier -- in comic book form, a new identity for a brainwashed Bucky, Cap's former sidekick who didn't die during WWII as initially believed but instead was programmed to become a deadly assassin by Lousy Commie Bums™ -- but also, according to rumors, corruption within Samuel L. Jackson's quasi-paramilitary organization SHIELD. On that level, the poster's works.

It's just that … for a first peek at a much-anticipated movie, a shot of a rusty shield is hardly the most scintillating thing to look at, let's be honest. Hopefully, the almost-inevitable sneak peek fans will see at Comic-Con will have more going for it than the threat of rust.