'Captain America's' Hayley Atwell Describes 'Absolutely Thrilling Action Scenes'

"I love watching the scenes that I wasn't necessarily involved in. Because it's like, 'Wow! That's what they were doing that day! That is extraordinary!'" she says.
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Captain America: The First Avenger actress Hayley Atwell -- who plays Chris Evans' love interest Peggy Carter -- says the action flick has "absolutely thrilling action scenes."

Her favorite? One in which a zip wire goes onto a train, which she says has been "so well received."

"I love watching the scenes that I wasn't necessarily involved in. Because it's like, 'Wow! That's what they were doing that day! That is extraordinary!'" Atwell tells MovieWeb of the Marvel and Paramount movie, which opens this weekend and will be featured at Comic-Con.


"There are also so many wonderful characters in it," she continues of the film, which has received mixed reviews by critics. "You have Tommy Lee Jones, and then there is Hugo Weaving. They all add such depth to what they are doing. There is a humor and wit. They add a sparkle to it. It never gets too cheesy. I think they handled it really well."

She says the movie was filmed across multiple locations.

"They just had different scenes shooting at different studios. I would stick around and watch what I could," Atwell says. "There would be whole days of shooting at studios that I didn't even know existed. This was such a huge production. I remember my friends coming on set, and they gave us a tour. I would see something, and say to one of the producers, 'That exists? That is incredible!' It would be a huge prop. A car, or an airplane being made in some studio somewhere. It was impossible to see everything."

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Evans has said he hated his daily, two-hour workouts to prepare for the role, but Atwell says she was motivated.

"I trained for about two and a half months before filming, and then continued for the duration of the five-month shoot. With a personal trainer that was an ex-Marine, and he was on the military circuit," she says. "It was very important in playing Peggy, that you could tell she had strength, and that she could hold a machine gun. That she was physically capable of being able to do these stunts. You had to believe that in her imaginary life, she had gone through these courses, and that she is very fit. That was all part of getting into character for me."

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She says she had an "amazing time" filming the movie.

"This being an action film, the physical aspects were so attractive to me. It was my first experience with that, and I would jump at the opportunity to do it again," she says. "We'll wait and see how audiences and fans of the books feel about the movie. That might partly dictate where they go next, and what aspects they want to focus on. It was a lovely experience, and I am glad it is being received so well, so far. Hopefully it will continue."


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