Captain America's Sebastian Stan Got Hurt On Set

The actor tells THR about running through a wall while filming the superhero flick.
Susie Allnutt/Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures

Sebastian Stan may be playing seriously tough Soviet assassin, James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes, in Captain America: The First Avenger, but the actor told The Hollywood Reporter at the film's premiere Tuesday that in real life, he's not as indestructible as the character he brought to life.  

"I went through a wall," Stan said of an on-set mishap. "I was shooting this gun -- and you grow up watching all those very cool kind of like running in slow motion shots -- and I was like 'Oh this is my moment.' ... And then I just went through a wall."

But, the former Gossip Girl actor says he didn't feel hurt at first. "My adrenalin was so high that I didn't feel anything except for about two hours later and then I was like immobile for a good day."

Not that a little on-set injury would hinder him from wanting to make more of the films. 

"If we have a chance to do it again, I'd definitely take it," Stan to THR.

Just don't expect him to have any insider information on the possibility of a sequel. 

"It's like a government," he said of the high-level secrecy surrounding any news about making another film. "You're on a need to know basis, but you know I'd love it. Obviously I've had a really good time and this cast is so funny -- like Neal McDonough and all those guys --  they were just a blast."

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