'Captain Marvel' Comic Book Series to Be Relaunched With 'Agent Carter' Showrunners

Captain Marvel - H 2014
David Lopez/Marvel Entertainment
Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters will write the new series.

Ahead of receiving her own movie in 2018, Marvel Entertainment is planning a comic book relaunch for Captain Marvel, with the showrunners of the ABC series Agent Carter coming on board to guide the character's destiny.

Marvel announced Tuesday that Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters will replace outgoing writer Kelly Sue DeConnick when the series is relaunched later this year, with artist Kris Anka also joining the series. The series will be the first comic book work for Fazekas and Butters, who have previously written for the TV series Hawaii Five-0, Dollhouse and Reaper.

In an interview with Fast Company, Fazekas said that Marvel asked the pair to "design what [Captain Marvel's] mission is within the universe. We know what SHIELD's mission is, we know what the Avengers' mission is, we know what Guardians of the Galaxy's mission is. So how does Captain Marvel fit into that?" The answer is apparently acting as the first contact between Earth and outer space, a role that the writer says she's conflicted about. "She's so different than Captain America or other superheroes," Fazekas went on. "Does she even want this?"

The new series — the third for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel since taking on the role in 2012, and the ninth Captain Marvel series in Marvel's history — will be the first for the character since DeConnick herself revised the concept three years ago. Despite enjoying a relatively high profile online, thanks in large part to a dedicated fanbase which calls itself the Carol Corps, the title has remained a low-seller.

Whether or not the addition of the fan-favorite Agent Carter creators will change that will be seen when the series relaunches this fall as part of Marvel's All-New, All-Different Marvel publishing line reboot.