The 100-Day Countdown to 'Captain Marvel' Is On

Marvel Studios releases a motion poster teaser for next year's Brie Larson vehicle.

It’s been four months since the release of the last Marvel movie of the year, but fans can be comforted in the fact that they won’t have to wait too long to feel the thrill of that brand fanfare in theaters again. Marvel Studios has released a new motion poster for Captain Marvel emphasizing that Brie Larson is just 100 days away from flying into theaters.

The poster — released via Twitter on Tuesday morning — repurposes previously released artwork of Larson in her superhero garb, with the addition of flowing energy lines up her arms (this is a motion poster, after all), set against a backdrop of a giant “100” above a suitably cosmic horizon.

(“Days” is in the foreground of the image, to complete the shot, even if the logistics of the placement is something not to think too much about; “100” and “Days” are apparently on different planes altogether, I guess?)

The tweet continues the promotion of Marvel’s first female-focused movie, coming two months after the movie’s first trailer, while also continuing the trend of keeping as much about its title character under wraps as possible. It’s not exactly a prelude comic that doesn’t feature Captain Marvel at all, but in terms of not even including new artwork, it’s getting there.

Captain Marvel will be released in 100 days. Or, for the less mathematically minded amongst us, March 8, 2019.