'Carrie' Teaser Trailer: Chloe Grace Moretz Rains Destruction (Video)

Carrie Poster - P 2012
<p>Carrie Poster - P 2012</p>
A remake of the seminal '70s horror film based on Stephen King's classic book, the film's first look is a fiery proposition.

Spoiler alert: now we know how Carrie ends.

One of the enduring stories of the last 40 years, the tale of everyone's favorite tortured and ultimately demonic high school student is headed back to the big screen. Originally a hit novel by Stephen King, the book was first adapted for the movies in 1976, before going to Broadway in the late 80's, earning a much-maligned sequel in 1999, and then becoming a TV movie in 2002.

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This time around, it's Chloe Grace Moretz in the iconic role of telekenetic tween, in place of Sissy Spacek's original Oscar-nominated portrayal, with Julianne Moore has her buttoned up religious mother, taking up Piper Laurie's original version, which was also put up for a golden statuette.

The first teaser trailer is brief and doesn't show many details, but we do get a glimpse of the destruction the teen brings to Bates High and the surrounding town. And, fans will recognize that iconic shot of a bloodied Carrie, looking up with rage-filled eyes.

The feel good movie of 2013 hits theaters this coming spring.