Catalyst Prime's Superhero Universe Grows With 'KINO,' 'Incidentals' (Exclusive)

Two new series co-created by Man of Action's Joe Casey will be part of the launch lineup of series from independent comic publisher Lion Forge Comics.
Courtesy of Lion Forge Comics

The future of superheroics is diverse — and few places will make that as clear as the upcoming Catalyst Prime imprint from Lion Forge Comics.

Headed up by senior editor Joseph Illidge, the line will launch this May with the Catalyst Prime: The Event special issue released as part of Free Comic Book Day 2017, with seven series rolling out monthly across the remainder of 2017 — including two titles that Heat Vision can exclusively announce, written by comic book veteran Joe Casey.

Casey is no stranger to superheroes, having written Adventures of Superman, Uncanny X-Men and many more high-profile titles for both Marvel and DC Entertainment across his career. These days, he's arguably better known as a member of Man of Action, the creative studio responsible for creating Ben 10 and Generator Rex for Cartoon Network, writing for Marvel's animated Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man series and working on a number of projects published through the Man of Action imprint at Image Comics.

For Catalyst Prime, he's working on three separate titles — the already announced Accell, as well as new titles Incidentals and KINO, both of which debut artwork and solicitation information below:

Joe Casey - Writer
Ramon Govea - Creator and Story Consultant
Larry Stroman - Penciller
Rob Stull - Inker
Snakebite Cortez - Colorist
Saida Temofonte - Letterer

Billionaire Bo Vincent Chen is keeping a lot of secrets.

After receiving mysterious powers from the meteor fallout of The Event, Bo has brought together a group of people with newly gained abilities to make the world's first covert operations superhero team.

Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan, and the world is running out of time...because Bo's final secret is the real reason why Earth desperately needs a team of heroes.


Joe Casey - Writer
Jefte Palo - Artist
Chris Sotomayor - Colorist
Todd Klein - Letterer

Alistair Meath of Britain's Royal Air Force was one of the heroic astronauts who flew a suicide mission to save Earth from an asteroid collision.

Seven months after The Event that changed the world, a new hero has emerged, saving lives and fighting villainy everywhere! KINO is the newest superhero for our times! But why is his world strangely different from our own, and how can the Kinetic Impulse Neoterrestrial Operative possibly be the secret identity of the deceased Alistair Meath?

Catalyst Prime: The Event will be in comic book stores May 6, with subsequent Catalyst Prime titles, including Arcell, Incidentals and K.I.N.O., launching in the months following.