Chaos and Destruction Amid Giant Dragon Attack in '4001 A.D.' (Exclusive Art)

4001AD 2 Cover - P 2016
Courtesy of Clayton Crain
Preview Clayton Crain's artwork for the second issue of Valiant Entertainment's summer event series.

Even as the first issue of Valiant Entertainment's 4001 A.D. reaches stores today, The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview of Clayton Crain's amazing art from the second installment of the futuristic comic book series.

The series — which spins out of Rai, Crain's ongoing series with writer Matt Kindt — takes place almost 2,000 years in the future, with the former protector of the future nation of New Japan fighting back against his former master, the despotic artificial intelligence known only as "Father." As can be seen from the preview pages, sometimes raging against the machine can turn into a fight with a giant techno-dragon.

Set for release in June, the second issue will be accompanied by Rai No. 14, which continues to reveal the history of New Japan, and 4001 A.D.: Bloodshot, a one-off tie-in by Jeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite that reveals the ultimate fate of the nanite-powered super-soldier from the 21st century.

4001 A.D. No. 2 will be in comic book stores and released digitally June 1.