'Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman' Team for Comic Book Series

The Bionic Woman-Charlie's Angels-Split-Photofest-H 2019
The two '70s TV properties collide starting this July.

It’s a crossover that TV fans have likely been dreaming of since the 1970s, and now Dynamite Entertainment is finally making it happen in comics. Coming this summer, Jaime Sommers is going to have to deal with three of the most capable (non-robotic) women she’s ever met when she runs into Kelly, Kris and friends in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels/Bionic Woman.

Written by Cameron DeOrdio with art from Soo Lee, colorist Addison Duke and letterer Tom Napolitano, the series crosses over the two cult television shows from the late 1970s for the first time in a story that takes place after the finale of each series and sees the Angels come up against Jaime after being tasked with returning a patent to its inventor. Will they come to blows, or could there be a mysterious third party they need to deal with together?

Charlie’s Angels/Bionic Woman is a story about good people trying to do good things who end up at cross purposes," writer DeOrdio (Archie’s Josie and the Pussycats) said in a statement. "We’ve made a spy comic, with sneaking around, exotic '80s tech and tense undercover infiltration, but it’s also about questioning the track you find yourself on and defining for yourself what’s right, even if it means turning your whole life upside down. I’m really excited to have Soo Lee onboard for this book. The way she draws both the Bionic Woman and the Angels perfectly captures their personalities, while also stylistically representing their differing perspectives."

The miniseries launches in July, ahead of the return of Charlie’s Angels to movie theaters in Elizabeth Bank’s new feature, released Nov. 19.