Charlize Theron Teases Possible 'Old Guard' Sequel

The Old Guard Still 1 -Charlize Theron in- Netflix-H 2020
Courtesy of Netflix
Theron told 'Late Night' host Seth Meyers that she would like to explore relationships from the first movie in a follow-up and joked that a Grammy-winning friend should join the female-driven franchise.

Charlize Theron teased the possibility of a follow-up to her Netflix original action film The Old Guard. On Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the actress shared that there’s material and relationships from the first movie worth exploring in a sequel.   

“There’s obviously a relationship there (between Van Veronica Ngo’s Quynh and Theron’s Andy) that we didn’t really explore in this film,” she said. “So I’m excited if we get the chance to make another one, to explore that, because then we’re just adding another female into the mix, which I think will make it really interesting.”

Theron who also produced the sci-fi action film about immortal soldiers, also shared that the Netflix movie stood out from the rest of her filmography. With Gina Prince-Bythewood in the director’s seat; herself, Ngo and Kiki Layne on camera and women behind the scenes, The Old Guard was noteworthy for its many women on set, Theron said.

“There’s a sadness attached because it does feel very unusual and that’s not right,” Theron told Meyers. “When I look back at my over-25-year career it’s really sad how little I’ve experienced with women than men. It was really nice to this to come on set and be surrounded by women — not just women but really talented women.”

Noting that there was a “different energy” about the female-driven cast and crew, Theron said finding skilled women to fill the ranks of all departments on a set, both on and off-screen, isn’t difficult. Instead, it’s more about putting pressure on the industry to hire these artists with the opportunity to practice their craft, she explained. 

“I think we really do have to just…keep the pressure on our industry to kind of sustain this kind of storytelling, because it is really fucking awesome.”

The actress also spoke to Meyers about her relationship with Rihanna, with whom she shares a publicist. Theron said she and singer share a friendship where they joke about who is their publicist's favorite client. The actress said she and Rihanna have also grabbed drinks in London together, making for some of "the best night drinking I've ever done in my life." 

Theron brought Wednesday's interview to a close saying that if there is a second Old Guard movie, she'd like to bring her Grammy-winning friend on board. 

"She needs to be in the next Old Guard," Theron joked of Rihanna.

Watch the interview below.