Chinese 'Spider-Man' Posters Are Just Plain Cool

Editors note: A rep for Sony has confirmed the posters are not officially sanctioned by the studio and were faked. The original story follows below.

Spidey is swinging around the globe.

Despite delays for Marvel's blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming to hit Chinese theaters, fans in the Middle Kingdom are able to enjoy a new slate of posters featuring the webslinger in familiar Chinese tableaus before the film's release next week.

The new promotional images feature Peter Parker's alter ego in a variety of different locales, such as swinging from a hammock above the Great Wall of China, posing for a selfie in front of Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower and riding a horse (in full Spidey regalia) across a picturesque mountainscape.

Other posters showcase Spidey posing near various other Chinese landmarks.

While none of the images actually appear in the film, they are a creative marketing strategy that capture the adolescent, coming-of-age humor of the pic. Plus a horse — who doesn't want to see that? 

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit Chinese cinemas on Sept. 8.

Check out a few of the posters below.

Aug. 30, 12:29 p.m. This story has been updated to reflect that the posters were faked.