Chris Daughtry on Crafting His First Marvel Cover

Red Goblin Art - Publicity - H 2019
Chris Daughtry/Marvel Entertainment
The musician's work is featured on a variant issue of 'Red Goblin' No. 1.

This week, the comic book world is getting an injection from the music industry. Art from Chris Daughtry, lead singer of the band Daughtry, is featured on a variant cover of Red Goblin: Red Death No. 1.

Daughtry admits he was surprised when he learned a pet project of his would end up on the cover, as he had been toying with the art in conjunction with artist Ron Garney, who invited Daughtry to work on some stuff together. Garney sent the piece off to Marvel to see if the publisher might have use for it. Daughtry never dreamed it'd be a cover, and thought perhaps it'd end up as an interior page somewhere. Then he got an email that he'd made the cover.

Though Daughtry is known as a Grammy-nominated musician who rose to prominence after competing on American Idol, comics have long been in his blood. He previously penciled covers for DC's Batman No. 50 Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood No. 1. His home studio/office has six guitars, an amp and other trappings you'd expect from a musician, plus a lot of things you might not.

"The rest is Batman cowls, statues. So much nerd stuff. I have a huge Deadpool statue as you walk in the door," says Daughtry with a laugh. "I had to slow down with the collecting after a while."

His collection came in handy for this cover, as he posed his action figures as inspiration for his work. Daughtry notes that while he enjoys comic art, he isn't looking for a career switch.

"I don't understand how these guys, like Ron or Jim Lee, or Todd McFarlane, or any of these cats are whipping out pages a day. And are super accurate and tight and look incredible," Daughtry says. "I have so much respect for those guys. One of the reasons I didn’t end up pursuing it professionally is because I'm one of those people who can't sit in one place for too long. I realized that's the job. Maybe being onstage is better for me."

Red Goblin: Red Death No. 1 is in stores now, and tells the tale of what happens when Norman Osborn takes on the Carnage symbiote.