Chris Hardwick Rebrands 'Nerdist Podcast' as Long-Running Show Gets New Home (Exclusive)

The newly renamed 'ID10T' will continue to debut new episodes each week but will no longer be affiliated with Legendary-owned Nerdist Industries.
Chris Hardwick   |   MJ Kim
The newly renamed 'ID10T' will continue to debut new episodes each week but will no longer be affiliated with Legendary-owned Nerdist Industries.

It's the end of an era for The Nerdist Podcast

The long-running show is being rebranded ID10T, as creator and host Chris Hardwick moves it to a new home. 

Going forward, ID10T will no longer be affiliated with Nerdist Industries. It will become part of the ID10T company that Hardwick has launched to sell collectible goods and host live events. Hardwick will announce the change Friday on the latest episode of the podcast. 

The good news for fans is that very little will change beyond the name. They will still be able to find ID10T everywhere that they found The Nerdist Podcast. And people who are already subscribed will not need to resubscribe to the show. Hardwick's frequent collaborators Jonah Ray, Matt Mira and producer Katie Levine also will continue to join him for new episodes. ID10T will debut Feb. 6 with guest Tim Robbins. New episodes will be available every Tuesday. 

"It's really the same podcast," Hardwick tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The podcast itself is still going to be delivered exactly how it's always been delivered. 

Hardwick has tapped Cadence13 to handle advertising for the show. The company will also look to nationally syndicate ID10T via its radio network. Art19 will handle the backend hosting of the show. 

The Nerdist Podcast launched in February 2010 and became the basis for Nerdist Industries, which built up a network of podcasts, a digital video business and an editorial division. The company sold to Legendary Entertainment in 2012. 

Hardwick, who hosts NBC's The Wall and has a multi-year deal with AMC, has remained involved in Nerdist over the last six years. He continues to hold the title of Nerdist CEO but is not day-to-day with the company. 

Hardwick says that the decision to take the podcast elsewhere first took root when he handed over the Nerdist social media handles, which he had been using as his personal accounts, to Legendary about two years ago. "I realized that Nerdist had gotten to a place where I always wanted it to get to, where it was many voices and they were all much bigger than mine," he explains. "In the back of my head, I thought, 'you know I'm probably going to have to do the same thing with the podcast someday.'" 

Hardwick's contract with Legendary expired at the end of last year, prompting him to explore new growth opportunities for the podcast. According to Hardwick, he was able to move The Nerdist Podcast to a new home because he retains full ownership of the show and its library of episodes. Legendary owns the Nerdist name, however, which is why it will rebrand as ID10T

Legendary, which sold to China's Dalian Wanda Group in 2016, named Joshua Grode as its new CEO late last year. The change in leadership happened simultaneously with Hardwick's contract expiration. Hardwick says that, at Grode's behest, he is staying on with Nerdist through the beginning of this year until the new CEO gets settled and is able to hash out a deal to keep Hardwick involved in the company he founded. 

"It's been great to work there," Hardwick says. "Legendary scaled Nerdist faster than I would have been able to on my own." 

He adds of the changes to the podcast, "It's not about any bad feelings about Nerdist. It's about me being excited to build a new thing. I always tell people on the podcast, 'go make a thing you're excited about.' This is my thing." 

UTA brokered the deal on behalf of Hardwick.