Chris Hemsworth's "Big Dumb" Kevin Gets Spotlight in New 'Ghostbusters' Video

GHOSTBUSTERS Character Vignette - Kevin Screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment
He might be afraid of ghosts, if only he understood what he was up against.

The new Ghostbusters might feature an all-female team of paranormal specialists, but in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day (which is a real thing, traditionally celebrated on the final Wednesday in April), the focus of the movie's new promo video is the group's receptionist, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).

Described by Hemsworth as "a big dumb puppy dog," the new video gives a better idea about what to expect from the character in Paul Feig's reboot of the franchise — and just how beloved Hemsworth is by his fellow castmembers, (Spoilers with regards to the latter: the answer is "extremely," apparently: "There's no way that you're this sweet, this funny, this fine — it's not fair," complains Leslie Jones at one point.)

That doesn't mean that Kevin — who means well, even if he doesn't quite understand what the Ghostbusters actually do — won't cause trouble for the group, however.

"Kevin thinks he's going to become a Ghostbuster too," Hemsworth teases. "He takes a whole load of equipment, gets a bike and builds his own uniform and is like, look, I'm one of the gang now." And there's almost no way that could go wrong, is there…?

Ghostbusters, which also stars Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy, will be released July 15.