Chris Pratt Tours His 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Crib (Video)

A new promotional video for the Marvel Studios smash sees Star-Lord take you around his intergalactic home.

Forget Knowhere, Morag or Xandar—the coolest location of Guardians of the Galaxy was undoubtedly the Milano, Star-Lord’s ship that comes with all the latest mod-cons: holographic video conferencing, a seemingly-endless ability to reconfigure seating arrangements in the cockpit depending on how many characters need to be in there at any one time and, of course, the tape deck to end all tape decks.

To promote the movie—not that it needs much promotion at this point—Marvel Studios has released “Check the Milano, Yo!,” a short video in which Star-Lord himself (well, actor Chris Pratt, but it’s close enough) gives viewers a guided tour to the ship, as well as an insight into his acting process (“When you seen me [using the touchscreen] in the movie, I’m picturing that I’m looking at my Twitter feed,” he reveals at one point).

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“That looks like something that would be comped in blue screen, in post, but these are real physical props,” Pratt says as he shows off the consoles on the flight deck. “This stuff all works and moves.” It’s all very Cribs, as underscored with Pratt jokes “you’ve seen my cars, my garage” at the end of the short. Hopefully, this is the start of a trend: who doesn’t want to see Thor give a tour of Asgard to promote the next Avengers movie?

Watch the video below.