Chris Weitz's YA Novel 'Young World' Cover Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

The first volume in the "Twilight: New Moon" director's post-apocalyptic trilogy will launch in Spring 2014, and hit theaters soon thereafter.

Listen up young adult readers: The book cover to The Young World is here.

The novel from writer, director and producer Chris Weitz -- whose credits include American Pie, About a Boy, The Golden Compass, The Twilight Saga: New Moon and A Better Life -- tells the New York City-based tale of teenagers between the start of puberty and 21 who are the only ones to survive an unknown trauma that wipes out the rest of the earth's population.

Children and adults fall victim to what could be some kind of disease outbreak, but the real tragedy here? No Internet, OMG! How will these teenagers survive?

A little kidding aside, The Young World promises to be a thrilling apocalyptic fantasy that imagines a world populated only by teenagers. Think one part NBC's Revolution and one part Lord of the Flies mixed with a little pop culture nostalgia and maybe some dark humor.

No stranger to the young adult genre, Weitz is a master at crafting believable teen characters (the first American Pie) and studios have high expectations for the trilogy. After much competition, Warner Bros. ultimately secured the rights to The Young World in June; Weitz will adapt the books for the screen. He also is slated to direct and produce the first installment. 

The Young World is brought to readers by publisher Little, Brown Books. The first novel in the series of three will launch in Spring 2014.