Christopher Nolan Pens 'Interstellar' Comic to Fill in Movie's Backstory

Take an expanded look at a key character from the film
Sean Gordon Murphy/WIRED

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Interstellar.]

Christopher Nolan is filling in a piece of the Interstellar storyline.

Nolan has written a new comic book centering on Dr. Mann (played by Matt Damon in a piece of surprise casting) and his robot KIPP. "Absolute Zero" looks at a key point in his personal journey that takes place before he's introduced in the film. The seven-page comic book will be featured in the upcoming issue of Wired, which Nolan is guest-editing. The full comic can be read at

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Nolan has generally avoided releasing deleted scenes for his films, so this is a rare companion piece to a Nolan film. His science advisor on the film, Kip Thorne, has also authored a book called The Science of Interstellar, though that does not address plot points.

Nolan's issue of Wired hits newsstands Nov. 25. 

Click the image to enlarge for a preview of the comic, and read the full version here.

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