Marvel Reveals Details About Mystery 'Civil War II' Spinoff Comics

Civil War II 3 Cover P 2016
Marko Djurdjevic/Marvel Entertainment
'The Fallen' and 'The Accused' follow up on the big moment in Marvel's summer event storyline.

[Warning: This story spoils plot elements of Marvel's Civil War II No. 3. To avoid finding out details you'd rather avoid, stop reading now.]

Following the events of Civil War II No. 3, Marvel Entertainment has announced details of the previously announced Civil War II: The Fallen and Civil War II: The Accused special issues, revealing the effects the murder of Bruce Banner has on the comic book universe.

The Fallen, written by The Totally Awesome Hulk's Greg Pak with art by All-New X-Men artist Mark Bagley, will tell the story of Bruce Banner's funeral and show reactions to Banner's death — including those who are celebrating, having been impacted by the Hulk's various rampages in the past — as well as the reading of his will. Just what can a Hulk leave behind, anyway …?

Meanwhile, The Accused centers on the trial of Clint Barton, the superhero who killed Banner. Parts of the trial were shown in the Civil War II series, but writer Marc Guggenheim promises that there's more going on than initially meets the eye, telling ComicBook.com that there's a conspiracy underpinning the trial that goes all the way back to Marvel's first comic book Civil War back in 2006.

Both The Fallen and The Accused will be released digitally and in comic stores in August. Civil War II No. 4, continuing the storyline, is scheduled for release July 27.