Classic Superman Artist Neal Adams on the Evolution of the Comic Book Man of Steel (Exclusive)

Artist promises "a handsomer, more buff" Superman in new series.

How has the Man of Steel changed over the years? According to legendary comic book artist Neal Adams, returning to the character in this week's launch of his Superman: The Coming of the Supermen miniseries, the answer is simple: He's only become more super.

In a clip, which The Hollywood Reporter debuts exclusively, that accompanies DC All Access's new interview with the artist — whose work on Batman, Green Lantern and Marvel's X-Men in the 1960s and '70s brought a whole new level of photo realism to the superhero genre — Adams says that the big change to Superman is that "he has a little bit more anatomy than he usually has.… Maybe a little bit more muscle."

He continues, "I have a feeling that Superman, being Superman, probably goes to work out! That must be hard for Superman to work out, but he probably does, because he doesn't want to meet someone who's [more] super and can beat the heck out of him."

He also suggests that the modern Superman appearing in his new series is "handsomer than we're used to seeing him…. I think we might find a handsomer, more buff, very interesting and very, I don't know, comfortable Superman. A super man."

Superman: The Coming of the Supermen sees Adams co-write (with Tony Bedard) and illustrate a story in which the Man of Steel has to deal with three new Kryptonians on Earth, as well as the threat of Darkseid; the series is his second high-profile project with DC in recent years, following Batman: Odyssey, his 13-issue return to the world of the Dark Knight.

Adams talks more about the series in the new episode of DC All Access, below. Superman: The Coming of the Supermen No. 1 will be released in comic stores and digitally Feb. 24.