The 'Clowntergeist' Trailer Is as Creepy as It Sounds (Exclusive)

Yes, clowns just got even scarier.

As if clowns weren't creepy enough, feast your eyes on Clowntergeist.

The horror flick is being billed as It meets Poltergeist — and judging from the first trailer, that's about right.

Aaron Mirtes' film tells the story of Emma (Brittany Belland), a college student with a phobia of clowns who is forced to confront that fear when a demonic clown terrorizes her town.

The killer clown leaves balloons with the date and time of  his victims' deaths, and after receiving a balloon of her own, Emma learns she has just two days to live before the not-so-jolly clown takes her life. 

High Octane Pictures is releasing the film and says it will announce a release date soon. In addition to the trailer, Heat Vision also has a wonderfully scary poster for the film: