'Clue' Comes to Life in New Comic (Exclusive)

CLUE CANDLESTICK by Dash Shaw- Issues 1-3 - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Dash Shaw/IDW Publishing
Dash Shaw, the cartoonist behind the acclaimed 'Bottomless Belly Button' and 'Bodyworld,' will write and draw a series based on the iconic board game starting in May.

It's time once again to round up the usual suspects, with IDW Publishing preparing a new comic book series based upon the classic board game Clue. This time around, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet and the gang will face a whole new game from an unexpected new player — Clue: Candlestick will be created by critically acclaimed cartoonist Dash Shaw.

The mind behind Bottomless Belly Button and Bodyworld — and director of My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, the 2016 animated drama featuring Susan Sarandon, Lena Dunham and Reggie Watts — is keeping the secret to the mystery close to his chest. He's writing, drawing, coloring and lettering the entire three-issue whodunnit himself. (Preview pages from the first issue, below, reveal what readers can expect.)

"What a total honor and joy it is to play with the Clue universe," Shaw said in a statement. "I grew up loving the colorful characters, the map of the manor and the whodunit of it all. Readers familiar with my other work might be surprised to see me doing this, but when they get the comic, they'll see it makes total sense. … I'm having a total blast drawing this thing. The monthly serialized format will really help milk the mystery, so I hope readers will follow/play along!"

Shaw isn't just limiting himself to providing the interiors and covers to the series; he's also drawing a triptych image that will appear as variant covers throughout the series. Illustrator Jed McGowan will also be providing an incentive cover, and each issue of the series will include new Clue game cards based upon the comic's storyline.

Clue: Candlestick will launch in May.