Murder Comes to Comics With IDW's Comedic 'Clue'

CLUE COVER 1 - Gabriel Rodriguez -Publicity- P 2017
Courtesy of Gabriel Rodriguez
The new series is based on Hasbro's beloved boardgame.

Unraveling the mystery behind the latest collaboration between Hasbro and IDW Publishing might be fun, but it certainly isn't going to be easy. In fact, it'll be murder. After Transformers, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony, it's finally time for … Clue.

Announced at Emerald City Comic Con on Friday, the classic board game will come to four-color life courtesy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures and A Year of Marvels writer Paul Allor, with art by Judge Dredd's Nelson Daniel, who will bring a comedic twist on the beloved format, with familiar characters such as Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum given a contemporary makeover.

Keeping things tricky — and staying true to the cult 1985 movie based on the property — the first issue will feature three alternate endings, ensuring that readers are kept on their toes as they try to discover whodunnit.

Allor told Heat Vision that he was "incredibly excited" to work on the series with Daniel, adding, "In the grand tradition of the Clue franchise, we're crafting a fun, exciting and at times completely bonkers story that will keep people guessing until the very end! I truly can't wait for comics readers to step into the mansion and find out just what we have in store for them."

The first issue will feature a cover by Locke & Key's Gabriel Rodriguez, although — as with the issue's endings, there will be multiple covers available to choose from featuring the main characters from the series by Daniel, as can be seen below. Clue will launch in June.