Colin Trevorrow's Latest 'Jurassic World' Tweet: There Will Be Blood

Warning to veterinarians: This might not be a good movie for your profession, based on the latest image to appear from the set of the follow-up to "Jurassic Park."

Colin Trevorrow has shared another image from the set of Jurassic World via Twitter, with the latest sneak peek suggesting that those in the veterinary services may want to think twice before agreeing to work with dinosaurs.

The image, captioned “Saturday, 4AM” (the day and time it was posted, approximately) and showing a bloody handprint (and accompanying smeared bloody fingerprints) on the side of a Mobile Veterinary Unit, follows an earlier black-and-white image of a dinosaur’s shadow on a city street. Clearly, Trevorrow is going for the “slow burn” approach to promotional images on his Twitter feed — that or he’s documenting the aftermath of a terrible accident on set and we’re all misinterpreting his intent considerably.

STORY ’Jurassic World’ Director Tweets Shadowy Dinosaur Photo

Jurassic World, directed and co-written (with Derek Connolly) by Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, is scheduled for release June 12, 2015. Expect more tweeted images between now and then.