Colonel Sanders, The Flash Team Up for NY Comic Con's 'The Colonel of Two Worlds' (Exclusive)

KFC_Flash - H 2015
<p>KFC_Flash - H 2015</p>   |   Courtesy of DC Entertainment
KFC and DC Entertainment partner for a free promotional comic featuring the fastest man alive and the man behind America's favorite fried chicken.

The latest hero to fight alongside the Justice League? None other than Colonel Harland Sanders, the man behind Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's all thanks to The Colonel of Two Worlds, a free comic book to be given away at New York Comic Con this weekend (available online for those not attending the show), and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive glimpse at what brings the Colonel, Green Lantern and The Flash together.

As the title suggests, The Colonel of Two Worlds takes its cue from the classic 1961 story "The Flash of Two Worlds," which saw Barry Allen accidentally travel to a parallel world, in which he met another Flash. (Fans of the CW show, that particular story might be relevant to your interests.) This time around, though, it's a parallel Colonel Sanders — from Earth-3, DC's alternate Earth where morality is reversed — who's causing trouble.

The one-off special issue by Tony Bedard and Tom Derenick, produced in partnership between DC Entertainment and KFC, is actually the Colonel's second comic book adventure this year; attendees to San Diego Comic-Con in July were able to pick up the Colonel's original story, which revealed his own super power: the ability to fry chicken "The Hard Way" (named for the KFC corporate slogan).

Below, a sneak preview at what to expect from The Colonel of Two Worlds. For those who aren't attending NYCC and want to know what happens next, copies will be available between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET in New York's Union Square on Oct. 9, or available digitally from the official KFC website and ComiXology platform starting Thursday, Oct. 8.