Comedic Co-Op Simulation Game 'Shakes on a Plane' Coming to Nintendo Switch (Exclusive)

Shakes On A Plane-Publicity-H 2020
Assemble Entertainment
Inspired by the chaotic nature of 'Overcooked,' the time management game follows an unqualified airline cabin crew as they hurry to serve difficult and unreasonable passengers.

Germany-based independent games publisher Assemble Entertainment revealed Thursday that its comedic co-op simulation title Shakes on a Plane is coming to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam in November. 

From developer Huu Games, Shakes on a Plane is set in an airplane with cabin crew hurrying to serve shakes, burgers and coffee to difficult and unreasonable passengers and complete tasks alongside their troublesome and unqualified colleagues — a group of strangers, including a former prison guard, who are forced to work together in a timely manner. Naturally, chaos ensues. 

"We are thrilled to add Shakes on a Plane to our expanding roster of truly unique titles," said Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek in a statement. "It’s got the perfect touch of humor common in many of our games, along with a compelling storyline perfect for anyone craving something more offbeat. We’re anxious to get this into the hands of simulation fans and casual players alike!"

The title, which can also be played in solo mode, is inspired by the competitive cooking game Overcooked and the multiplayer railway track adventure Unrailed, where characters have to work together against the clock, and increasingly tough obstacles.

Assemble Entertainment is known for the adult-themed point-and-click adventure Leisure Suit Larry and its recent installment Wet Dreams Don't Dry; as well as the post-apocalyptic city builder Endzone - A World Apart.

Shakes on a Plane lands in the eshops for Switch and Steam this Nov. 

View the trailer below.