'It Comes at Night' Trailer Shows the Real Horror of the Apocalypse

Sometimes it's what's inside that's scarier.

When it's the end of the world, there may be a good reason to lock your door.

As a family patriarch (Joel Edgerton) explains in the full trailer for It Comes at Night, that's just one of the many rules he insists upon for the survival of his family — though there may be something more sinister inside his home than the threats that humanity faces outside.  

The post-apocalyptic film screened over the weekend at Overlook Film Festival, and early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It Comes at Night centers on a man who welcomes a family into his home as they attempt to stay safe from an unnatural threat that the outside world is facing.

The film is from A24 and director Trey Edward Shults. Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott and Carmen Ejogo also star.

It Comes at Night opens June 6.