Comic 'Marilyn Manor' Brings the Party to 1980s White House

The White House becomes the hottest spot of 1981 in Magdalene Visaggio and Marley Zarcone's new miniseries.
Courtesy of Marley Zarcone/IDW

By now, Americans are familiar with the first lady, the first children and even the first dog — but creators Magdalene Visaggio and Marley Zarcone are teaming this summer to introduce the world to the "first brat" in IDW’s Marilyn Manor, it was announced Friday afternoon at Emerald City Comic Con.

The new four-issue comic book series from Kim & Kim co-creator Visaggio and Shade the Changing Girl’s Zarcone is set in August 1981, when the White House goes dark for 17 days and the president’s daughter — accompanied by best friend Abe, who claims to be possessed by Abraham Lincoln — decides to throw the party of the decade, unaware of just what she’s unleashing in the process. (Never mind sex and drugs, IDW promises seances, secret passageways and “time-bending mystical romps,” to boot.)

In a statement about the series, Visaggio — who describes it as “the weirdest thing I’ve ever written in the best way possible, like an apocalypse directed by John Hughes” — said, “We’ve been trying to capture the feel, the excitement, the energy of the rise of the New Romantics, of the decade that embraced excess and excitement in hugely over-the-top ways, and filled it with chaos and insanity.”

The series will be edited by Shelly Bond, the former Vertigo executive editor who runs her own Black Crown imprint at IDW, who said of the series’ artist, “There isn’t an artist alive who could perfectly capture the style and verve of the early ’80s like Marley Zarcone. Coupled with [colorist] Irma Kniivila’s vibrant palette, Marilyn Manor is for readers who like a bit of pop art and revisionist history with their coming-of-age satire.”

The series is set to launch later this year.